Alcoholism is a major concern for the entire country. Problematic drinking has been an issue for this country for decades. It starts at a very young age and can continue an entire life. Our society almost promotes alcoholism. It is difficult to go or do anything without being exposed to alcohol. Fear is just as dangerous as drinking. It can be debilitating. It prevents us from carrying out some of our dreams and it can keep us from reaching our true potential. Fear is also a major reason why alcoholics refuse to stop drinking. Alcoholics continuously tell themselves and others that they do not have a problem; that their drinking habits are normal. The truth is that their fear of quitting is holding them back from a happy and healthy life. The following are the three most common reasons alcoholics are scared to quit drinking.


Withdrawal is the condition that the body enters when it no longer is being pumped full of a drug. It is the process to which the body craves more drugs. It can be quite uncomfortable for the individual who is experiencing this process. Most people have heard of, understand and even experienced a hangover. After a night of problematic drinking behavior the body goes through withdrawal from the alcohol. It is characterized by dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, headache, cold sweats, sensitivity to sound and light and body aches. It is an uncomfortable experience to say the least. The fear of withdrawal is a normal and very popular reason that addicts refuse to get help and quit abusing drugs and alcohol. Withdrawal from heavy alcoholism can be incredibly severe and dangerous. Delirium tremens is a condition caused by severe alcohol abuse. The symptoms of this are shaking, confusion and hallucinations. It requires medical attention and it can last several days. Most alcoholics will not experience delirium tremens; therefore, the withdrawal process is bearable and should not be feared.

Becoming Someone Different

Alcohol abuse starts at an early age. Many alcoholics cannot envision themselves without a drink. Alcoholics fear getting clean and sober because they fear losing themselves. Not knowing who you are is a fearful thought. Alcoholics do not know who they are without alcohol. They do not know what they will do for fun or what they will do to relax. This can cause them to feel overwhelmed, depressed, stressed and anxious. They could also fear that they will turn to a more dangerous substance as an alternative. The truth is that living life as an alcoholic is much more dangerous and fearful than a life clean and sober.

Failure is Feared

The third reason alcoholics are scared to quit drinking is failure. Failure is a part of life and something that should not be feared. Everyone makes mistakes. Failure in sobriety or treatment is scary, but it happens. Failure in treatment is often part of the recovery process. Treatment is not an exact science. Different people need different things to overcome addiction. Relapse only means that a different approach or specific technique is required to overcome addiction. Failure should never be feared, but rather it should be embraced as a challenge. Overcoming addiction is a challenge, but any failure should be perceived as a lesson that will help you succeed in the future. Speaking to a professional is important or anyone suffering from an addiction. They can help addicts overcome their fear of sobriety. Life as an addict is much more fearful than a happy, healthy alcohol free life. Overcoming fear is part of everyday life.