Drinking alcohol is part of American society, in fact is part of many cultures. There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks on the weekends or a drink with dinner. It can help you unwind from a long week and it could even be a constructive hobby. At the same time, consuming alcohol can be very dangerous and if not done responsibly it can be habit forming. When a drink or two here and there becomes a few drinks every night. Or you turn to the bottle every time you have a bad day or an argument with a significant other is another issue. Drinking habits can easily become addictions. Alcohol is a powerful substance that claims millions of lives. Here are four signs your drinking habit has become an addiction.

Relationship Damages

A clear sign that your drinking habit has become an addiction is when it starts affecting your relationships. Many people consume alcohol without any problems. It is also in social situations that many engage in alcohol consumption. Drinking habits become addictions when they start damaging relationships. If you are having problems with a significant other, family member or friends because you are often drunk, alcohol could be the problem. Over intoxication can often strain relationships. It is not unheard of to hear about someone causing a scene or making a fool out of themselves because they had too much to drink. In most cases that person apologizes for that behavior and you do not hear about another incident like that, but if it becomes routine or normal then there is a problem. Intoxication can lead to serious injury as well. If you are consistently injured as a result of drinking too much, then it is time to consider cutting back or speaking with a professional.

Need to Function

When our bodies become tolerant of drugs and alcohol, they often need it to function normally. Addiction is a problem if you have a tough time getting through the day physically or mentally without a drink. The human body does require certain things to function properly, but alcohol should never be one of them. When the body becomes so accustomed to having alcohol in it, then it is time to get help. It is incredibly unhealthy to be consuming alcohol on a regular basis.

Legal Issues

Consuming alcohol with friends and family should be an enjoyable time. It should never lead to legal troubles. Those who have gotten into legal issues as a result of their drinking should consider getting help. Getting into some trouble once is bad enough, but more than that is serious. If you are unable to stop drinking and continue to get into legal trouble it is time to seek professional help. Most alcoholics do not realize they have a problem with drinking until they get a DUI. These are very serious charges that could cost you your license and freedom. The potential for serious injury and damages to life are extensive when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle under the influence of drugs.

Financial Problems

Financial problems are another sign that your drinking habits have become an addiction. Alcohol can be expensive, but not to the point where you have financial problems. Substance abuse and addiction can cause a person to completely ignore their responsibilities. If alcohol is getting in the way of work, then you could be an alcoholic. The stigma that goes with addicts is harsh, but should never deter someone from getting help. If alcohol is costing you too much money or interfering with your productivity speak with a specialist about your potential problem.