Living a sober life is a wonderful and joyous way to live. Those suffering from substance abuse and addiction struggle to find their way back to sobriety. This is nothing to be ashamed of not only because millions of American families struggle with addiction every year, but because drugs and alcohol affect everyone differently. These substances also change the way the mind and body function. The chemical changes in the brain make drug and alcohol addiction difficult to overcome. The pain and discomfort of detox often force individuals to continue to abuse these substances. Committing to sobriety is a tough thing to do, but most addicts reach this critical moment without knowing it. Understanding there is a problem is the first step to recovery. Here are four signs that you are ready to commit to sobriety.

The Rush is Gone

Doing drugs and drinking alcohol is all about the rush and the high. The sensation of euphoria and invincibility is what addicts seek. Stress, depression, anxiety and socialization problems often push people towards drugs and alcohol. At a certain point during your drug use and alcoholism that rush will end. You will no longer be seeking that rush, but rather normalcy. Normalcy is not achieved through drug or alcohol use. At this time in your substance abuse life you are ready for sobriety. The drugs and/or alcohol have run their course. When that rush is no longer worth being broke, tired, sick and a damper on the family you are ready for sobriety. Anyone who is abusing drugs or alcohol that no longer feels a rush or wants that rush of being high should get help for their addiction.

Tired of Being Sick and Tired

When high on drugs addicts feel as though they are on the top of the world. The rush and euphoria makes them feel invincible. When not drinking or on drugs addicts and abusers feel as though the world is caving in on them. They are broke, tired, beaten, sick and overall miserable. Even if you are an addict that is not a poster child of heroin addiction sick, you normally feel terrible. Regular life is not fun. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you are ready for recovery. Most addicts hit a point during their addiction where they are always sick, depressed and exhausted. It takes a lot of time and effort to continue to abuse drugs and alcohol. Eventually an addict will hit a point where they say enough is enough. It is critical to capitalize on that moment. It is time to get clean and sober.

Worrying About Friends and Family

Abusing alcohol and drugs is both socially unacceptable and illegal. Addicts must abuse their drugs in private or run the risk of being caught by family and friends. Many addicts get new friends that engage in substance abuse. They distance themselves from their friends and family. Addicts place distance between themselves and close family or they are forced to keep their distance. In time they will begin to miss and regret the actions that have pushed them away from their loved ones. They may have even experienced a number of conflicts or lectures from those who love them. When addicted to drugs and alcohol those words and neglect do not matter. It is time to get help when you are missing time spent with loved ones or worrying about what your addiction is doing to them. This is another critical moment in a potentially recovering addict’s life. Getting help is essential to overcoming addiction and family can be a major motivator.

Life Cannot Get Any Worse

The rock bottom myth about addiction is false, but if you find that life cannot get any worse it is time for help. Most addicts need professional help to overcome addiction. Speak with a professional, family member, friend or treatment center for help if life cannot get any better.