Addiction treatment is the best way to overcome and addiction. Drug abuse and addiction damage the mind as well as the body. It destroys lives in both spirit and body. Treatment for addiction focuses on remedying all of these aspects that drugs and alcohol can destroy. It is imperative that treatment not only focuses on the physical aspect of the addict, but also the mental and spiritual. Addicts must understand that their addiction is their problem alone. They are the only ones who can fix that problem. It is something that will take time, effort and focus. The chaos and turmoil that addiction causes will be addressed and fixed. Decluttering the mind and body is part of the process.

Treatment Process


This is probably the most recognizable and intimidating portion of the treatment process. In this stage the recovering addict allows all of the drugs/chemicals leave the body. This stage is the most difficult because the addict will experience the withdrawal symptoms. They will be in physical and mental distress, which is why a 24/7 monitoring treatment program is necessary. There are a number of health concerns that these centers can monitor and address. Some situations will require the supplementation of prescription medications to ease the suffering/pain. Many centers believe in a natural/holistic approach that involves infused water, proper nutrition, exercise and sauna sessions. This approach is highly recommended, while painful and difficult it produces the best results. Withdrawal effects normally begin within a few hours of your last use of the drug and can last for a few days afterwards. This step of the treatment process declutters the body.


Detox develops the new physical part of you, while therapy helps to develop the emotional and mental person. It is essential that the brain, as well as the body, is treated in addiction recovery treatment. Individual, group and family therapy sessions are geared towards recovering the mental portion of the addict. Talk therapy helps the addict deal with feelings or thoughts of stress, anxiety, harm or things that are unhealthy. This practice has shown extreme success in meth treatment. You will also be educated on the issue of addiction that will help you understand why you were drastically affected by it and ways to avoid relapse. Therapy is necessary to help declutter the mind. Most addicts suffer from some sort of mental illness. Depression, anxiety and stress are common aspects of addiction.


Recovering addicts are taught how to deal with these problems. The most important part of the recovery process is learning how to deal with the urges, cravings, enablers and the stresses that life causes. Patients are taught the techniques and tools that are necessary for them to overcome this problem. They learn breathing techniques, yoga, proper exercise and nutrition, and hobbies. These activities help recovering addicts declutter their minds and bodies. They learn to simplify their lives with healthy habits and routines.

Family and Friends

There is no better way to declutter the mind and body than to have someone to count on in times of need. When addicts feel drained or overworked/stressed having friends and family to call on is beneficial. Addiction treatment encourages families and friends to take part in the recovery process. Addicts are more likely to remain sober and happy when they have the love and support of their families. By encouraging family and friend participation the recovery process helps to declutter the mind and body. Family and friends can be a critical part of sobriety.