Each individual person has their own personality. People cannot help being themselves, even if they are trying to be someone they are not. A personality is what makes each and every single person different and unique. We can mask or hide our personalities to an extent in certain situations and when we see it as necessary, but ultimately it will shine through. Addiction has a way of permanently altering a personality; for as long as a person continues to use and abuse substances. Drugs and alcohol significantly change the way a person behaves by altering their wants and dreams. It also changes the chemical makeup of the brain. These changes make it difficult for addicts to overcome addiction, even when they want to stop using drugs. Addiction changes the person. Here are five ways addiction changes someone’s personality.

Life in the Shadows

Addiction forces an addict to live life ‘in the shadows’. When drugs and alcohol take control over a person’s life they no longer find other activities or gatherings as important. Family reunions or simply Friday night drinks with friends or coworkers are no longer on the agenda. Abusing drugs and alcohol is not socially acceptable, therefore they must engage in that behavior in secret and out of sight from others. If family or friends were to witness this behavior they would work to get the addict help or worse shun the addict. While an addict would enjoy privacy, they will not be pleased with being shunned and ultimately use it as a reason to continue their drug abuse.

Change in Fun

A person who normally enjoys the beach, running or exercising will do whatever they can to continue to engage in those activities. Surfers are especially known to be ‘addicted’ to their craft. A surfer who forgoes surfing to sit inside or relax; someone claiming to be ‘over it’ or too tired to engage in activities they love, could be addicted to drugs or alcohol. As humans we live for fun and ways to release stress. When someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol their bodies cannot sustain physical activity, nor does their mind want to engage in those activities.

Difficult to Be With

Anyone who suddenly becomes demanding, controlling, manipulative and unreasonable could be addicted to drugs and alcohol. Most people that you would consider friends are friends mainly because you enjoy being around them and thus they are easy to get along with because no one befriends someone who is difficult. Addiction will cause a person to become difficult. They will be moody, overly sensitive, try to manipulate people and situations and they will be unreasonable. Friends tend to disagree from time to time, but someone addicted to drugs or alcohol with be unreasonable.


We all know friends or family members that are a little irresponsible. They are a bit annoying, but at the same time humorous. There is a big difference between this friend or family member and the one that is addicted to drugs and alcohol. A sudden change in how they handle situations and responsibility is a tell-tale sign of substance abuse and addiction. Addicts consume themselves with getting and consuming more drugs, as a result they do not have time for what is important and often forget their responsibilities.


The worst possible personality change can be irritability and aggression. Drugs and alcohol can severely change the way addicts function. The way they perceive and interpret information causes them to react differently. This is especially true when they are high. These individuals can be dangerous to be around. Normally relaxed, reasonable and level headed individuals who suddenly exhibit rage and aggression are dealing with a substance abuse or addiction issue.