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West Virginia Drug Abuse RehabWest Virginia has its own plight with alcohol and drugs that is as destructive as any other. No matter how bad it seems to get, there is always one thing the addict wanting to get better has, like the light at the end of the tunnel:  hope. There’s as much hope for drug and alcohol addicts wishing to make a holistic and complete drug recovery in West Virginia as there is anywhere else nationwide. To touch such hope, give Drug-Rehab.org, a referral service with 3000 sources nationwide including West Virginia, call at 877-352-6329 today. Don’t waste another minute in West Virginia, time for the recovering addict is of essence.

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The state of West Virginia is home to 1,855,364 people and the capitol is Charleston. West Virginia is firmly rooted in Appalachian culture. Two of West Virginia’s most remarkable features are its topography as well as its mountains and colorful residents.

Unfortunately, the drug epidemic is quite present in West Virginia. Prescription drug abuse in West Virginia is a huge and growing reality; Oxycontin is known as “hillbilly heroin” in parts of West Virginia. The president’s administration has even singled out West Virginia in particular for prescription drug abuse. Other prescription drugs that round out the most popular in West Virginia to abuse are Percocet, Vicodin, Xanax, Methadone and Morphine. West Virginia residents can easily find any drug they are looking for within the state’s borders.  Also, for alcohol abuse, 40 percent of West Virginia’s 18 to 25 population has binge drank in the last month.

Methamphetamine has grown in popularity year after year and consumers are finding it harder to produce since federal laws have made the items needed to make it so hard to obtain. Cocaine, found in a powder substance as well as in rock form, can be found all throughout West Virginia. The crack form is most popular in low income or low-middle income areas. Heroin’s accessibility in West Virginia is very limited and mostly used only by long standing heroin addicts that rely upon each other for the procurement of the drug.

Marijuana is widely used and available all throughout the state. West Virginia has been ranked in the top ten for marijuana eradication. Agencies have been formed to fight the growing of marijuana within its state. But the current laws state that if a person is found possessing any amount of marijuana they will get a misdemeanor, 90 days in jail to 6 months on their first charge and a $1,000 fine. Efforts are currently underway in West Virginia to decriminalize marijuana, at least for medical use.

Recovering from Drugs and Alcohol in West Virginia is Possible

Call Drug-Rehab.org at 877-352-6329 today if you need to seek treatment options in West Virginia; we have access to 3000 resources nationwide ranging from detox programs to holistic therapy. And it is important to remember, when facing addiction recovery, that you are never alone. Drug-Rehab.org can show you how that is possible.


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