There are 21,786 residents in Adelanto, California. Approximately 874 residents are using cannabis, 143 are addicted to a form of cocaine, 383 misuse prescription medication, 65 use psychedelic drugs, 36 abuse inhalants, and 8 are addicted to heroin. This year 26 people will die from tobacco related products, 5 from alcohol, and 1 drug related fatality. There will be 110 drug arrests and 83 driving under the influence arrests in the calendar year.


Since the 1980?s arrests for drug related charges have increased substantially in the county of San Bernardino. Felony drug arrests are up 137% and misdemeanor arrests are up 80%. Of those arrested in the late 90?s 8% could expect to go to prison if arrested on possession charges and 10% could expect to go to prison if arrested on sales and manufacturing charges. In 1980 only 19 people were sent to prison on a possession charge, by 1999 there were 738 sent to prison.


The incarceration rate for sales and manufacturing charges is 64% higher than the state average. The rate of incarceration is 6% higher for those charged with possession of drugs.


There are 2 treatment centers located in Adelanto: A New Way of Living and House of Hope. There are also 2 correctional facilities: Adelanto Correctional Facility and Desert View Modified Community Correctional Facility.

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