Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Alameda, California

Struggling with addiction or a loved one’s dependence on drugs in Alameda, California might make you seek out Alameda drug rehab facilities. But hold the phone! That Alameda alcohol rehab program that catches your eye may not be the one that most efficiently, quickly and affordably sees you or your loved one to sobriety in the long term. Let the professionals at Drug-Rehab.org make the call—it just takes you making a phone call.

Dial 877-352-6329 to get the ball rolling. You or your loved one may be on your way to the best rehabilitation in as little as a day!

Why a Referral Service?

If you were choosing a book, but you know nothing about the books on the shelf, would you pick one off at random, just because someone else liked it? What if your first choice isn’t to your tastes, but another choice would have served you better? Wouldn’t you be more like to pick a book you like after a professional librarian assessed what types of books work best for you? When it comes to rehab, relying on a program’s success rate simply isn’t enough. As a non-profit service, we’re just as like to recommend an Alameda in patient rehab or an alternative program if it has these characteristics:

  • Top rated
  • Low cost or comprehensive financial aid options
  • Suitable program to match the addict’s individual needs

That last point is especially important. We may recommend drug rehab centers in Alameda, but we may not recommend them to you! Why? Because we think your individual budget concerns, as well as your dependence assessment indicate that you or your loved one is better suited in another community.

Sobering Alameda Stats

The city of Alameda has a population of 72,259 residents. There are approximately 3,490 cannabis users, 1530 misusing prescription medication, 570 addicted to cocaine, 260 using psychedelics, 145 using inhalants, and 30 people are addicted to heroin.

This year 100 people will lose their lives to tobacco related products, 20 from alcohol, and 4 from illegal drug use.

The police will make approximately 440 arrests for drug related charges and another 330 driving under the influence arrests during the calendar year.

In a 2006 poll of Alameda County 7th, 9th, and 11th graders it was discovered that 81.6% of those polled had not used any illegal drugs while 18.4% of those polled had used illegal drugs at least once.

Those arrested for drug possession in Alameda County today are almost 9 times more likely to be sentenced to prison than they were back in the 1980s. There were 21 people sent to prison in Alameda County for drug possession, in 1999 there were 216. Deaths from cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and psychedelics make up 25% of drug related deaths.

Don’t let yourself or a loved one become simply a number. Detox safely with the program Drug-Rehab.org finds for you.

Types of Rehabilitation

The drug treatment centers in Alameda may not prove to be the most comprehensive array of options. Consider these options:

  • Residential vs. outpatient
  • Non-medicated vs. medicated
  • Faith-based vs. secular

Do you know which type of program will provide you or your loved one with the greatest chance of success? The Drug-Rehab.org counselors do! And that may mean going outside of Alameda.

Recovery in the Long Term

Nothing’s more likely to ensure that you or your loved one break the cycle of alcoholism and drug abuse than simply matching with the most suitable program from the start. That program may very well be among the Alameda rehab programs, but don’t leave that to chance. If another city’s program proves more affordable and more likely to help you or your loved one, Drug-Rehab.org counselors will know.

Today’s the day. Recovery awaits. Call 877-352-6329 to make it happen.

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