Albany, California has a population of 15,994 residents. There are roughly 770 cannabis users, 340 misusing prescription medication, 130 addicted to a form of cocaine, 60 using psychedelics, 30 using inhalants, and 10 addicted to heroin.

Approximately 20 lives will be taken by tobacco related products during the calendar year.


Police will make about 100 drug related arrests and 70 driving under the influence arrests during the calendar year.


Crimes committed against a person?s personal property i.e. motor vehicle theft, burglary and theft where force is not used to obtain are at a higher level than California?s average. Violent crime levels are lower than the California average.


In a survey conducted with federal and state prisoners back in 2004 it was found that 8 out of 10 inmates said they had used drugs during their lifetime. More than 5 out of 10 state prisoners were dependent or abusing drugs. 1 in 4 who were convicted of a violent crime was on drugs when they committed their offense.

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