The city of Alhambra, California has a population of 76,309 residents. There are roughly 4,220 cannabis users, 1850 misusing prescription medication, 690 addicted to a form of cocaine, 315 using psychedelics, 175 using inhalants, and 40 people addicted to heroin.


During the calendar year 125 people will lose their life to tobacco related products, 25 will lose their life to alcohol and 4 will lose their life through illegal drug use.


Throughout the calendar year the police will make 530 drug arrests and 400 driving under the influence arrests.


Los AngelesCounty imprisons more drug possession offenders than any other major county in California. Violent and property crimes have been on the decline since 1980. Los AngelesCounty has 5% more people die because of drugs than the state average.

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