Altadena, California is home to 42,610 residents in unincorporated Los AngelesCounty. Residing in Altadena are roughly 2,060 cannabis users, 900 residents misusing prescription medication, 340 addicted to a form of cocaine, 150 taking psychedelics, 85 using inhalants, and 20 addicted to heroin.


During the calendar year Altadena will lose 60 lives to tobacco related products, 10 to alcohol and 2 lives will be cut short due to illegal drugs.


During the calendar year the police will make 260 drug related arrests and 200 driving under the influence arrests.


Altadena is 50% lower than the Los AngelesCounty average for violent crimes reported.


In 2006 over 2,546,000 people underwent treatment for an alcohol addiction according to SAMSHA. 1,229,000 people entered treatment for a marijuana addiction. 934,000 people entered an in-patient program during the 2006 calendar year for an addiction problem. Roughly 4,000,000 people entered one form of treatment for drug addiction in 2006. It is estimated that over 4,172,000 people over the age of 12 were dependent or abusing marijuana during the 2006 calendar year.


Over 50% of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 believe it would be fairly easy to obtain marijuana if they wanted to. One in four believes they could fairly easily obtain cocaine if they wanted to.  

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