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Apple Valley

Apple Valley, California has 63,055 residents and is part of San Bernardino County. It is believed that there are roughly 2,620 cannabis users, 1,150 misusing prescription medication, 430 addicted to a form of cocaine, 190 using psychedelic drugs, 110 using inhalants, and 25 addicted to heroin.


During the calendar year Apple Valley will lose roughly 80 residents to tobacco products, 15 to alcohol and 3 lives will be cut short due to illegal drug use.

Throughout the year the police will make 330 drug-related arrests and 250 driving under the influence arrests.


The coroners of San Bernardino County classify many drug related deaths due to overdose as chronic abuse, not overdose.


Drug felony arrests have increased by 137% in San Bernardino County since 1980.


According to the FBI database there were 253 violent crimes and 2,224 property crimes reported in Apple Valley, CA during the 2005 calendar year. Of the 2,224 property crimes 1,227 were thefts.

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