Bethel Island


Bethel Island, California is home to 2,835 residents and is located in ContraCostaCounty. There are over 200 people in halfway homes or other forms of treatment centers for drug and alcohol abuse in ContraCostaCounty. BethelIsland is home to roughly 110 cannabis users, 50 prescription medication abusers, 20 cocaine abusers, and 10 psychedelic abusers.


During the calendar year the police will make roughly 15 drug arrests and 10 driving under the influence arrests.


Both violent crime and property crime were 6 out of 10 according to the crime index. The national average was 3.


ContraCostaCounty is ranked 11th out of the 12 major counties in California for drug death rates and 12th for total drug arrests. Contra Costa has the lowest growing rate of drug arrests of any major county. There were 65 people sent to prison in 1999 for drug possession.

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