Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, California is home to 35,321 residents and is part of Los AngelesCounty.  There are roughly 1,700 cannabis users, 740 prescription medication abusers, 280 residents addicted to cocaine, 130 residents using psychedelic drugs, 70 residents using inhalants, and 20 residents addicted to heroin.


During the calendar year roughly 50 lives will be lost to tobacco related products, 10 lives will be taken by alcohol and 1 life will be lost to illegal drug overdose.


In the first quarter of the year roughly 50 drug related arrests will be made and 40 driving under the influence arrests will be made.


There were 134 violent crimes reported in Beverly Hills, CA during the 2005 calendar year. 1,052 property crimes were reported in 2005, 700 of which were thefts.


There is one drug treatment facility available in Beverly Hills: Addiction Alternatives, Habitdoc.

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  • Addiction Alternatives
    9171 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Addiction Alternatives provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction