Binge drinking was once believed to be a ‘harmless’ practice of college students. It was a means to release the stress of high intensity tests in a comprehensive course that each student must complete to move on to a career. College life has not changed much in the last few decades except that the practice of blowing off steam through risky behaviors like binge drinking has reached new heights. Binge drinking in college is definitely a cause for concern, but it is no longer just a problem among college students. Many college freshmen enter their institutions of choice already experienced in the risky behaviors of binge drinking, which is why it is no longer just associated with college students. High school students are commonly exposed and engaged in risky alcohol consumption.

High School Students

More and more high school students engage in risky drinking practices today than ever before. Our society has created an atmosphere that is conducive to this dangerous behavior. Reality television shows that display dangerous drinking habits and even riskier party behaviors encourage this behavior. These shows go on to celebritize those individuals for their acts of pure reckless abandonment. Television series such as ‘Friday Night Lights’ shows young adults participating in binge drinking and other risky behaviors. More and more high schools are enforcing Breathalyzer tests before admitting students into their prom celebrations as a result of intoxication. After prom parties thrown by schools work to decrease binge drinking by encouraging students to have fun safely instead of going out. It is clearly evident that binge drinking is no longer associated with college students.

The Nine-to-Fivers

A growing population of binge drinkers are those out of college and working nine to five jobs. These are the individuals who designate one or two days a week to drinking, which is the definition of binge drinking. These individuals are replicating the days of binge drinking from their high school and college days. They clearly have responsibilities that they must cater to on a daily basis, therefore they limit their drinking to one or two nights a week. As such, they over consume alcohol to ‘make-up’ for the long work week or stress of their lives. They overindulge because they will not get another chance to let loose for an entire week. This type of binge drinking is dangerous because it can last for years and end up with a terrible drunk driving accident.


The last group of dangerous binge drinkers who are not college students is retirees. It is a new trend in binge drinking as these individuals are retiring with more life in them than their predecessors. As a result, those with more life in them are engaging in dangerous drinking habits. These individuals do not have jobs; have a steady income and no ‘real’ responsibilities. They are often engage in celebration after celebration as their family goes through various stages of life. Retirees happily engage in binge drinking without anyone noticing or even worse get encouragement. When they over-do-it and it is visible most family members with shug at the event and state it is their old age. This behavior is incredibly dangerous because of their heightened age.

Binge drinking is no longer a problem that is designated to college kids on spring break. It is an issue that is affecting every age group in society. We are growing up faster and staying young longer. More young adults are engaging in risky alcohol consumption and more seniors are participating binge drinking because they feel younger. Binge drinking is dangerous at every age level, therefore you should only consume alcohol responsibly.