Blazing a new path to freedom with non 12 step recovery programs is different from traditional rehab models that focus on treating the symptoms of addiction only, and releasing the patients back into the world a month later. Non 12 Step recovery is about rediscovering the happiness you had before substance dependency took over. It is about redefining life and discovering new passions, while awakening sleeping dreams that have been silent too long. Mostly, alternative, long-term, comprehensive solutions are about creating a new future, one without drugs or fear.                                                

Starting on steady ground . . .

When a client visits a non 12 step rehab center seeking help, they are often wary about treatment and nervous to begin. Comprehensive holistic addiction treatment starts with developing a sound nutritional plan designed to help the body heal and an exercise regimen that strengthens core muscles while clarifying the mind. By addressing physical needs throughout the treatment program, clients position themselves for better outcomes as they tackle the emotional and mental aspects of substance abuse.                           

Learning life management skills . . .

A holistic approach to reclaiming a drug-free lifestyle includes learning new life skills and coping mechanisms that empower clients to excel in social settings without drugs or alcohol to give them confidence.           

Embracing personal growth . . .      

When ready, counselors help residents explore the root cause of their addiction. Some people need more time to gain self-confidence, so non 12 step rehab programs do not typically operate on a strict timetable for reaching each phase of the journey.     

It can take up to six months for the brain to return to “normal” after living for months or years under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Long-term care, therefore, moves at a comfortable, but steady pace based on individual readiness.   

Reinforcing new patterns . . .

One of the goals of rehab is to educate patients about their condition, ways to prevent relapse and how to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Because everyone acquires and retains new information differently, counselors and facilitators use a variety of teaching methods that speak to individual learning styles.

To reinforce new concepts, clients use study aids and workbooks, but they also have access to:

  • Hands-on art therapy classes for the tactile learner
  • Music therapy for aural learners
  • Group sessions for social learners
  • Natural hikes for kinesthetic learners

Living a drug-free life . . .

The ultimate goal of a non 12 step rehab protocol is to eliminate all drugs, including abuse of prescription, OTC and illicit substances. Naturally, some drugs are necessary, for some patients. Type I diabetics need insulin of course, since their pancreas doesn’t function properly. However, the goal is to take incoming clients off all drugs under a physician’s watchful eye to identify which medications, if any, are absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Many people are surprised to learn that proper nutrition and exercise can correct hypertension, glucose spikes, and elevated cholesterol levels permanently.  Many people who abuse alcohol develop Type II diabetes, which can be reversed by eliminating alcohol, eating a healthy diet and participating in regular exercise.     

Claiming freedom . . .

Solving addiction problems is complicated, however by focusing on results and not past history, success is achievable. As the program term draws to a close, clients begin looking forward to the future. Some will be starting new jobs, relocating, or finally, fulfilling dreams held hostage by drug-dependency. Unlike 12 step addiction recovery programs, an evidence-based, non 12 step recovery programs make it possible to blaze a path to freedom without living in recovery mode forever.  At the end of a long-term stay in a holistic facility, clients are prepared to live each day with a healthy mind, strong body and renewed spirit empowered by confidence and clarity of purpose.