Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Catalina Island, California

It’s time for the residents of Catalina Island, California who struggle with addiction or with a loved one’s alcoholism and drug abuse to take comfort. Even with the lack of drug rehab centers in Catalina Island, there’s a way to recovery. The Drug-Rehab.org counselors place match addicts and their loved ones with the best rehabilitation programs across the country every single day.

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The Need for Catalina Island Rehabilitation

Catalina Island, CA is home to 3,696 residents and is part of Los Angeles County. The city of Avalon is home to 3,382 residents and is Catalina’s only city. There are currently 20 people living in halfway homes or treatment centers for drug and alcohol abuse in Avalon. Avalon has roughly 150 cannabis users, 70 residents misusing prescription medications, 30 residents addicted to cocaine, 10 residents using psychedelic drugs, and 6 residents using inhalants.

Throughout the year the police of Avalon will make about 20 drug related arrests and 15 driving under the influence arrests.

Both property and violent crime are a 6 out of 10 on the national crime index in Avalon. This is 3 points above the national average. Despite the need for accessible programs, there’s a lack of Catalina Island drug rehab facilities that may discourage you or your loved one from seeking help. Don’t let it. Drug-Rehab.org will find you or your loved one a suitable program.

Even If You’ve Tried Help Before

Some addicts who have tried some form of Catalina Island alcohol rehab, be it self-directed or under a medical professional’s supervision, aren’t happy with the results. We want you or your loved one to know that even if you or they have tried and failed, there is still hope. The issue may have simply been a matter of program compatibility.

Compatible Drug Abuse Recovery

A comprehensive, round-the-clock drug dependency program can offer far greater chances of success than alternatives that rely on the addict quitting without help. There’s also the matter of what type of program will play to an individual’s strengths and give them the greatest chance of success. We’ll help you or your loved one discover that program with an assessment.

Affordable Addiction Care

If you or your loved one wind up having to seek treatment outside of Catalina Island rehab programs, what about the cost? Can you possibly find affordable treatment in another city or even state? Yes, you can—with Drug-Rehab.org’s assistance. The top rated program we recommend are competitively priced, and you can make up the difference between what you can afford and the bill with:

•             Payment plans

•             Loans

•             Insurance benefits

•             Financial aid

•             Sponsorship

Please don’t hesitate to alert us about your budgetary concerns when you call.

Call for Long Term Sobriety

The goal of any alcoholic and drug user program is to offer support and techniques that work together to keep the addict sober in the long term. You don’t need a local Catalina Island in patient rehab program for that. A big change requires a big commitment. Let us discuss the scarcity of drug treatment centers in Catalina Island and how we can place you or your loved one with a program somewhere that works.

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