Climate and location are two very important details that can get overlooked when choosing a treatment center. Both of these elements of treatment could be the difference between a successful treatment program and relapse. They are critical because they can subtlety affect treatment, in ways that could be critical to the success of the program.  Some climates and locations could be incredibly relaxing and promote a healthier lifestyle. While others could be a little more fast paced or closer to your reality, which in turn could be helpful. The right location and climate for a treatment center is up to the individual that needs the treatment. Location and climate will also be reflected in the price of treatment center. Price is a critical element of discussion for those seeking substance abuse and addiction treatment.

Climate and Addiction Treatment

Climate has a great deal of influence on treatment and mood. The greatest proof of climates effect on people is Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as SAD. It is commonly believed that people become more depressed and sad during the late fall and winter months. The dropping temperature and decrease in light can cause them sadness. It is a very common issue that many, if not most, Americans suffer through. In most cases it does not require treatment of any kind, but for some that depression is intense. Most people will agree that they like going to the beach more than they like stomping through snow. Cold and wet is not an experience that most enjoy, therefore it is easy to see how climate can have such an effect on people. In conclusion, in regards to treatment, those who are sensitive to mood swings or delicate to external influences should choose a treatment center wisely. They should not enter a long term treatment center that is located in a climate that has fluctuating weather or temperatures. If the choices are limited it is best to find a treatment center that is closest to your liking. Climate plays an integral part in the recovery process because the brain undergoes an extraordinary change during rehabilitation. The goal is to keep the environment as stable as possible so that the recovering addict can focus on their development.

Location and Addiction Treatment

It is easy to see how closely connected location and climate are; you cannot discuss one without the other. It is important recovering addicts to make connections with the environment around them throughout their treatment. At some point in their future they will be required to reenter society and the real world. Locations that provide a safe transition back to the real world are the most beneficial. Most importantly, addicts are encouraged to get treatment in a location that does not remind them of their substance abuse. If they enter a treatment center that is around the corner from the area where you bought and consumed drugs is a bad idea. The recovering addict must be removed from that place in their lives. Most professionals recommend going somewhere far away from your drug using and abusing locations. If the treatment center is located in a busy and noisy city it could be difficult for the recovering addict to focus on their treatment. Studies have shown that treatment centers that are quiet and surrounded by natural beauty produce better results. Conversely, those treatment centers in busy, polluted and noisy locations promote stress and distraction from treatment.

It is clear that location and climate are integral elements of choosing a treatment center. By choosing a treatment center that is quiet, peaceful and naturally beautiful a recovering addict can increase the likelihood of long term sobriety. The hustle and bustle of cities and downtown locations distract from treatment. Seeking peaceful treatment locations can help recovering addicts focus on their true task at hand; getting healthy. There are thousands of treatment centers across the country. If the beach is relaxing there are close to the beach treatment centers. If the mountains and forests are your thing, then seek a treatment center set in that location. The goal of treatment is to return to society free of substance abuse, distractions and ready to take on the world.