48,000 people currently reside in Cypress, California with 40 of them homeless and 20 living in halfway houses for drug and alcohol abuse.


Of the people who reside in Cypress, CA 2,300 are known to use marijuana, there are 380 cocaine users 20 heroin addicts and over 1,000 people who misuse prescription medications.


This year alone 300 people will be arrested for drug related crimes and 220 for driving under the influence. By the end of this year at least 1 person will die from drug use and 15 from alcohol.


For the family members who have members who need help or for the people who are ready to change their own life, we encourage you to seek help. is here to offer the assistance in helping find an answer to what seems like a never ending problem.

We understand that everyone is being affected by the situation and it will take more than just one to fix it. If, we all work together, including the treatment specialists and others who have been through the same thing, we can help get the tools needed in order to overcome this current situation and any others that occur in life.

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