Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Del Mar, California

Looking for alcoholism and drug dependency treatment in Del Mar, California? You may not be able to find the Del Mar alcohol rehab or drug rehab program you think you need. However, the lack of Del Mar in patient rehab isn’t a hindrance at all. At Drug-Rehab.org, we match addicts with programs across the country every single day.

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Del Mar Substance Abuse Facts

Del Mar, California is called home for 4,500 people located within San Diego County. San Diego County houses 2,220 people in halfway houses for drug or alcohol abuse and 952 which are homeless.

Within Del Mar 210 residents are said to smoke marijuana, 90 abuse prescribed drugs and 35 people using some form of cocaine.

In this year, 30 people will be arrested for drug charges and 23 for DUIs.

Considering these statistics, the shortage of Del Mar drug rehab facilities is particularly sad. However, it’s also irrelevant. Even if there were a plethora of drug treatment centers in Del Mar from which to choose, the best treatment may be somewhere else.

Determining the Best Rehabilitation

Just as every two people are different, no two drug abuse programs are precisely alike. That’s why it’s more important to find a suitable addiction recovery program than to find drug rehab centers in Del Mar. When you consider that the alcoholism or drug dependency program may be residential, the location becomes even more irrelevant. Before we suggest a detox program, we ask a few questions to perform an assessment.

The Addiction Assessment

When you give us a call, we’ll ask you to answer a few questions about yourself or your loved one to the best of your ability. Some of these questions include:

•             What kind of substances does the addict ingest on a daily basis?

•             How much drugs or alcohol do they ingest?

•             How long has the addict had this problem?

•             Has the addict ever tried to quit before?

•             Is there a concern about the cost of treatment?

Previous Drug Abuse Treatment

The reason why we’ll want to know about any previous attempts to quit is predominately because we want to know what the addict liked and didn’t like about the treatment. Since the addict needs help again, there was something about the first attempt that didn’t click with them in the long term, and we want to make sure that something isn’t present in the new program.

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When it comes to top rated rehabilitation, the lack of Del Mar rehab programs isn’t an obstacle to sobriety at all. The Drug-Rehab.org placement counselors are on the phone, ready to perform an assessment of you or your loved one and find a suitable program fast. We may even be able to place you or them within a day!

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