Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Edmond, Oklahoma

In Edmond, Oklahoma, there’s the easy way to get help for substance addiction, and there’s the easy and smart way—that works just as quickly. While there are top rated drug rehab centers in Edmond, don’t just hope it will all work out before first calling Drug-Rehab.org. As a non-profit, we counsel addicts and their loved ones every day, matching them both with local and nationwide programs.

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Edmond Substance Addiction Statistics

The 2010 census reported a population of 81,405 people living in Edmond. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 3.4 percent of women and 10.1 percent of men binge drink at least five days a week. If we use those statistics on the Edmond population, it equals out to about 3977 men and 1429 women who struggle with alcoholism locally.

NIDA states that 8.9 percent of Americans overuse prescription drugs or take illegal drugs. Apply that to the Edmond population and that’s 7245 people. The drug treatment centers in Edmond may not be large enough to support this many people.

Benefits of a Recovery Placement Service

If you take a short while now to speak with a Drug-Rehab.org representative instead of wildly picking from the Edmond drug rehab facilities, you’ll enjoy these benefits, to name a few:

  • Professional, empathetic support and guidance through the placement process
  • Fast, accurate assistance—just look at our testimonials
  • Counsel in making the cost of a program affordable
  • An assessment of you or your loved one that will determine the most suitable program

Opting for Residential Care

If we don’t first suggest one of the Edmond rehab programs, it’s likely that you or your loved one will be placed in residential care—although that could be true in the case of Edmond in patient rehab too. If so, you or your loved one will be served by these advantages:

  • Ability to focus completely on recovery for a period
  • Removal from the stresses of responsibilities and relationships that can contribute to the problem
  • No access to drugs or alcohol during detox
  • Support and guidance 24/7

Get Substance Abuse Help Now

There’s a reason why Drug-Rehab.org has so many testimonials from satisfied callers. We’re excellent at what we do: Get addicts into the best rehabilitation for them as individuals as quickly as possible. The program for you or your loved one could be an Edmond alcohol rehab or could it be in another city or state. You won’t know unless you call.

Reach us today at 877-352-6329. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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