Florida Drug Rehabs and Addiction Treatment Options

A drug rehab treatment program should be designed to meet the individual needs of patients. After all, like many other things about life, addictions vary from person to person. The most useful programs aim beyond treatment of addiction and assist the patient to get reintroduced into society and his family life.

Drug rehabilitation should blend the detoxification, behavioral therapy as well as counseling that are designed to help the patient overcome addiction and change behavior.  There are many factors that go into what gives the best possibility of success.

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The process of finding and selecting a drug rehab program can be a problem in Florida. There are so many choices, so before selecting a Drug clinic or program in Florida, you should take some time to decide what type of addiction treatment center is right for you.

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We will help you find the right safe and caring drug rehab center for you, in Florida or wherever else. The staff of rehab centers have genuine concern for your well-being. Our goal is to provide you information about the best Alcohol & Drug Rehab programs in Florida.

If you’re looking for the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida for a friend or a family member, you’ve come to the right place. We help you locate the best alcohol & drug rehab programs & centers in Florida that treat alcoholism, alcohol abuse and drug abuse problems. We ensure that you will find the drug treatment center that suits your unique circumstances.

Major Florida Cities:

Florida Drug and Alcohol Statistics

Muggy Florida is home to 19,057,542 people. The capital of Florida is Tallahassee.

When it comes to drugs…

  • Oxycontin is now called Florida’s drug abuse epidemic.
  • Florida is also a main entry point for heroin throughout the Eastern states of the US, Orlando, Florida was once named the place where a person was most likely to die of a heroin overdose. Methamphetamine and meth labs are a growing problem throughout the state, mimicking a national trend.
  • MDMA is the most readily available dangerous drug throughout the state.
  • The number of indoor marijuana farms in Florida has increased over the past few years and has becoming a growing problem.
  • Prescription drug abuse is also quickly becoming a threat throughout the state.
  • According to a study, 1,030,000 people in Florida over the age of 18 had used an illicit drug of some kind in the past month.
  • That same Florida age group also had 3,363,000 people binge drinking in the past month.
  • 7.6 percent of people over 12 had used some kind of illicit drug in the past month.
  • Possession of 20 grams or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Sale or cultivation of 20 grams or less is also a misdemeanor carrying the same penalty as possession.
  • If the sale takes place 1,000 feet from a school or other public area it is considered a felony and carries up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
  • Anyone who is convicted of a marijuana related crime will lose their driver’s license for a period of 6 months to 2 years.

You’re Not Alone in Florida

Drug-Rehab.org is part of a national (including Florida) campaign to help those affected by drug addiction get the proper and meaningful help they so need. We have contact information for over 3000 drug rehab centers and treatment centers nationwide.

Whether you are looking for in-patient rehab or long term treatment, we have information on alcohol and drug rehab facilities near you, at a cost that won’t injure your budget.

To really recover from an addiction, many stages are involved. These need families, treatment professionals and even others who have been in the addict’s shoes. Physical Detoxification and Out-Patient Treatment are rarely enough, by themselves, and to just rely on one alone could spell failure. The addict or alcoholic must learn a new set of life-coping skills.

Lots of people starting this road to recovery often try on their own before getting assistance from those that love and support them, or trained professionals. Seeking help is just the first step and we can help guide you or someone you know in the right path.

Again:  you’re not alone with your drug or alcohol addiction in Florida or wherever else you may be. Call us at 855-473-4227 so we can figure out at a plan for a successful and affordable recovery.


For researching purposes, please see the following local Florida resources:

  • ADAP Counseling Services
    540 NW University Boulevard Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
    ADAP Counseling Services provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Charlotte Behavioral Healthcare
    1700 Education Ave. Punta Gorda, FL 33950
    Charlotte Behavioral Healthcare provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Center
    240 NW 183rd St. Miami, FL 33169
    Comprehensive Psychiatric Center provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Detox, Methadone Services, Methadone Detox

  • Harbor City Counseling Center
    129 W. Hibiscus Boulevard Melbourne, FL 32901
    Harbor City Counseling Center provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Lakeview Center Inc
    1302 W. Avery St. Pensacola, FL 32501
    Lakeview Center Inc provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Detox

  • Miami Dade Bureau of Rehab Services
    1600 NW 6th CT Florida City, FL 33034
    Miami Dade Bureau of Rehab Services provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Sunrise Detox Center LLC
    3185 Bootwell Rd. Lake Worth, FL 33461
    Sunrise Detox Center LLC provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Detox

  • Therese M Reynolds MA LMHC NCC
    3949 Evans Ave. Fort Myers, FL 33901
    Therese M Reynolds MA LMHC NCC provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • W.ern Judicial Services Inc
    603 SW 10th St. Ocala, FL 34474
    W.ern Judicial Services Inc provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Willough At Naples
    9001 Tamiami Trail E. Naples, FL 34113
    Willough At Naples provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Detox, Buprenorphine Treatment