Americans spend millions of dollars every year attending self-help seminars or purchasing books intended to help the individual achieve a dream or personal goal, no matter how minor or grandiose. There’s no doubt these products and individuals have helped thousands realize their desires, but there are others that need a more personalized, interactive kick in their proverbial butt. If you’re having trouble focusing, or getting to the next level in your life, consider constructing a vision board. This inexpensive, powerful tool will help you realize what truly matters in your life, and provide you with the motivation and inspiration needed to achieve success. Before constructing your vision board, learn about the process, including how to conceptualize and create the project.

What exactly is a Vision Board?

Have you ever had a dream or desire, but weren’t sure how to get from Point A to Point B? A vision board is a poster board covered with images, generally from magazines, which is intended to act as a physical representation of your hopes and dreams. The idea is that if you surround yourself with pictures and images of what you want your life to become, it will help you realize your goal. Images are very powerful tools, and surrounding yourself with positive pictures will eventually create an atmosphere conducive with success.

Discovering What You Really Want in Life

Before you can create a successful vision board, it’s integral to have a realistic conversation with yourself about your true dreams and desires. You may have a general goal, such as landing a promotion at work or getting pregnant, but before you can create a vision board you must hone in on the motivation behind that goal, and what you ultimately and specifically hope to accomplish. If you’re having trouble finding inspiration, don’t worry. For some, their theme is obvious, while it may take others weeks and months to decide the final inspiration behind their vision board.

The Necessary Tools

Luckily, creating a vision board is a relatively simple, inexpensive venture. In general, you’ll require the following tools and supplies to create yours:

  • A matte-finish poster board. The matte finish is sturdier, and easier to work with in general.
  • Magazines. Try to be specific, and use magazines that cater to your passions and pursuits. Ask friends or family members to donate magazines, or speak to your local library and inquire if they have any back issues to donate.
  • Rubber cement. Avoid white glue, and instead opt for rubber cement or glue sticks.

Creating Your Vision Board

Begin by thumbing through the magazines and cutting out pictures, images and words that fit in with your vision. Feel free to go crazy cutting out any picture, quote or word that sends shivers down your spine, as you can edit your selections later. Once you have the final images and words in hand, lay your matte poster board on a pile of newspapers. Arrange the pictures, quotes and words on the board before attaching them with the glue. Feel free to add your own artistic touches to the board, as well.

After your vision board has dried for at least 24 hours, hang it in a space that you pass by often throughout the day, such as the kitchen or living room wall. Draw inspiration from your vision board and hold on tight, because you’re wildest dreams could soon be realized.