Motherhood is a beautiful thing that most women strive for at one point in their lives. It is rewarding and exciting adventure to experience. It can be equally as troubling and difficult. What could seem to be the perfect life on the surface could be a disaster in reality. Studies have concluded that there is an increase in binge drinking in mothers today. The stress of home life, troubles with spouses and troublesome children can turn mothers to irresponsibly consume alcohol. Mothers are treating playdates like happy hours and binge drinking several times a month. Women binge drinking consists of consuming more than four alcoholic beverages an hour, which is the rate at which the body cannot metabolize the alcohol. What is even worse is that drinking at home often hides the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse. This enables addicts to be functioning alcoholics. This practice is dangerous for the mother, family and especially to the children. The wine as a reward society that has been created is hazardous to all families.

Motherhood Leading to Drinking?

Recent studies show that there has been an increase in number of mothers consuming alcohol. There has also been an increase in the quantity of alcohol consumed by those mothers. Why is it that more mothers today are turning to the bottle to cope with the pressures of motherhood? The pressure of being the “supermom” is pushing mothers to binge drink. The constant stress, pressure, anxiety and depression of motherhood in the twenty-first century is pushing mothers towards alcohol. Consuming a few drinks at the end of a stressful day or week is not only socially acceptable, but it is encouraged. It is a cheap and easy way to release stress and relax. Mothers have high pressure jobs just being mothers. Add on a career of their own on top of rearing children and that life is hectic. The pressures of dealing with work and raising children can be immense. It becomes even worse if relationship problems with a spouse are persistent. Single mothers have an especially difficult time. Now add the image or desire of being a “supermom” to those struggles and you have a recipe for disaster.

Problem with Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism

There is nothing wrong with having a drink or two after stressful days or weeks. In fact, science has shown that having a few drinks a week to be healthy for the brain and the body. Unfortunately, it is easy to progress into hazardous drinking habits. One drink becomes two and then three, and soon enough alcoholism has set in. This is especially dangerous because there are few warning signs of alcoholism when you are consuming it in your own home. When mothers get together for playdates and consume alcohol as if it were happy hour, they enable each other’s alcoholism. This incredibly dangerous because the only outside information mothers are gaining are from others who are abusing alcohol in the same risky manner, therefore it can continue without interruption. Speak with a professional if you or someone you know could be suffering from dangerous alcohol consumption as a result of motherhood. Detecting alcohol abuse can be difficult, but not impossible. Mothers who consume alcohol more than a few times a week could have a drinking problem. Any women who consumes four or more alcoholic beverages an hour is binge drinking. Alcoholism occurs if this activity happens multiple times a week or month. It is important to speak with the mother about their alcohol consumption if you suspect a problem. It can also be helpful to speak with an addiction specialist if necessary.

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