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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Jersey City, New Jersey

Locating Alcohol Rehab in Jersey City New Jersey

Please give us a call at to find out more about drug and alcohol addiction, as well as the treatment plans available to you.

How do you find the right alcohol rehab for you? Give us a call and we can help you find exactly what you need to achieve a full recovery. We make it easy to:

  • Recover from drug addiction
  • Connect with professional addiction counselors
  • Find the right treatment program for you

The purpose of this website is to help individuals struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol find the help they need to get better. Don’t let drugs rule your life anymore – do what’s right and sign up for a good rehab center. Drug rehab is designed to make the process of detoxification and therapy as effective as possible. If you’re looking for drug treatment centers in Jersey City New Jersey we can help you locate the right program for you.

It’s hard to admit that drugs or alcohol have taken over your life. If you have reached the breaking point and are determined to overcome your problems, experts recommend attending a good rehab center. Drug rehab is about more than just physical detoxification. After your body expels the chemicals from your system, the drug addiction is not over. It’s crucial to follow up on detox with intensive counseling and therapy sessions to ensure you stay clean and sober into the future. If you don’t get to the psychological root of your addiction, it has a good chance of reappearing.

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Jersey City Drug and Alcohol Abuse Facts

The 2010 Jersey City population was 247,597, according to the nation census. Consider the number of people, compared to some facts and estimates about substance dependency in the area:

  • City-Data.com reports that 39 people live in halfway homes or programs such as the Jersey City drug rehab facilities for drug addiction or alcoholism.
  • NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) says that 8.9 percent of the US population takes illegal drugs or overuses prescription drugs. If we apply that statistic to Jersey City, we can estimate 22,036 residents.
  • NIDA says 3.4 percent of US women binge drink at least five days a week. That could translate to 4260 Jersey City women.
  • NIDA similarly says 10.1 percent of US men binge drink regularly. That means we’ll estimate 12,352 Jersey City men.

Addiction Facts Applied to You

When you take a look at the number of drug rehab centers in Jersey City, and the statistics for substance dependency, you or your loved one is clearly not alone. However, what do these facts mean to you? They simply mean that there are plenty of resources to provide help and plenty of success stories out there, but if you or your loved one want a real shot a long term recovery, you need to reach out to Drug-Rehab.org first.

Matching with a Program

Our job as a non-profit organization is to provide unbiased help. We won’t recommend one Jersey City in patient rehab over another because the facility paid us. We thoroughly research all of the top rated programs we recommend and care more about compatibility than anything. One Jersey City alcohol rehab may help an alcoholic you know, but it may not offer you or your loved one the greatest chance at success. The best and most affordable program for you or them may be in another city or state.

The Rehabilitation Placement Assessment

So how do we know which of the drug treatment centers in Jersey City, if any, will provide the utmost care for you or your loved one? We perform an assessment when you call. The aim of this assessment is to compare the Jersey City rehab programs and the rehabilitation programs across the nation to see which will suit you or your loved one best. We’ll use the assessment to determine the addict’s:

  • Learning styles
  • Strengths
  • History with addiction
  • History with detox programs
  • Preferences for treatment

Get Addiction Help Now

Call us at your earliest convenience.

The search for Jersey City New Jersey drug treatment centers doesn’t have to be frustrating. At Drug-Rehab.org we make is easier to find the right type of treatment for you. We search for rehab programs based on several criteria, including budget, personal preferences, and needs. If you’ve decided to turn your life around and beat an addiction to drugs or alcohol, now is the best time to take action. Please contact us to connect with one of our expert placement counselors today.

Our number is 855-473-4227.

6 Listings for Jersey City, New Jersey

  • C-Line Community Outreach Services
    189 Martin Luther King Dr. Jersey City, NJ 07305
    C-Line Community Outreach Services provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Christ Hospital
    179 Palisade Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306
    Christ Hospital provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Hogar Crea
    79 Cornelison Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07304
    Hogar Crea provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Jersey City Medical Center
    395 Grand St. Jersey City, NJ 07302
    Jersey City Medical Center provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Khaleidoscope Healthcare Inc
    75 Harrison Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07304
    Khaleidoscope Healthcare Inc provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Detox, Methadone Services, Methadone Detox, Buprenorphine Treatment

  • Spectrum Healthcare Inc
    74-80 Pacific Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07304
    Spectrum Healthcare Inc provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Detox, Methadone Services, Methadone Detox

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