Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Norman, Oklahoma

Before you contact any of the drug rehab centers in Norman, Oklahoma on behalf of yourself or someone you love, pause for a minute. Do you really know how to compare and contrast each Norman in patient rehab and outpatient program? What if there’s a better program in another city or state? Drug-Rehab.org placement counselors can answer these questions for you, and match you or your loved one with a local program or one somewhere across the US.

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Substance Addiction in Norman

The 2010 census revealed that 110,925 people live in Norman. Using the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s statistic that 8.9 percent of Americans use illegal drugs or overuse prescription drugs, we can assume translates to about 9872 people in Norman. City-Data.com also reports that 82 people lived in halfway homes and 14 lived in hospitals or wards for substance overuse in 2010.

Another NIDA statistic helps us guess at the rate of alcoholism in Norman. NIDA says 10.1 percent of men as well as 3.4 percent of women binge drink more than five days a week. Based on the gender split in Norman, that could translate to 5572 men and 1896 women who could use treatment at Norman drug rehab facilities or programs across the US.

How Top Rated Becomes Affordable

When you or your loved one is ready to seek professional addiction recovery, you don’t want to have to worry about how you’re going to pay for treatment. We get that. Many of the people who call us have budgetary restrictions. All of the programs we recommend, be they Norman rehab programs or facilities in another area, will prove affordable through a combination of financial aid and available funding resources.

What to Look for in Rehabilitation

Choosing just any Norman alcohol rehab and hoping it proves to be the best rehabilitation can prove to be a mistake. The Drug-Rehab.org counselors look at top rated programs that match the individual’s needs with the help of these factors:

  • Personal preferences: Does the addict prefer residential or not, medicated versus non-medicated, etc.?
  • Past experiences: Does the program offer something different than previous programs the addict has tried?
  • Long term support: Does the program continue to check in with the addict after graduation?

How to Get Started

The first step to getting our expert, non-biased assessment is to simply give us a call. Alternatively, you can fill out our call back form online ad we can call you. However, if you call us now, you or your loved one could be at one of the drug treatment centers in Norman or somewhere else across the nation in under a day, depending on the circumstances.

Pick up that phone and dial 877-352-6329. Don’t be nervous; we’re here to help!

4 Listings for Norman, Oklahoma

  • Communityworks LLC
    122 E. Eufaula St. Norman, OK 73069
    Communityworks LLC provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • CrossRd.s Youth and Family Servs Inc
    1650 W. Tecumseh Rd. Norman, OK 73069
    CrossRd.s Youth and Family Servs Inc provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • NAICCenter for Oklahoma
    215 W. Linn St. Norman, OK 73070
    NAIC/Center for Oklahoma provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Norman Alcohol and Drug Treatment Ctr
    900 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73070
    Norman Alcohol and Drug Treatment Ctr provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction