There are many different treatment options available for those looking for help with substance abuse and addiction. The trouble is getting an addict to admit to having a problem and getting them to accept treatment. When an addict is finally ready to accept treatment it is important for family, friends and loved ones to know what options are available to them. By providing a number of treatment options the addict is more likely to accept treatment and choose a program. The two different types of treatment are inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Inpatient centers require an addict to stay in the center for an extended period of time without going home. The outpatient procedure allows the addict to continue to carry on with life, while meeting with the center once a day. Studies prove that inpatient treatment centers have the most success, but there are cases where outpatient treatment is useful. The best thing to do is weigh all the options and analyze the facts. Residential rehab is just another name for inpatient treatment. Here are four important facts you should know.

Addiction Affects Your Entire Life

Drugs and alcohol are dangerous chemicals that addicts continue to abuse even when they know they are destroying their bodies and their lives. What most addicts do not realize the immense damage they cause their family and loved ones. It is difficult for a loved one to watch you suffer for extended periods of time through substance abuse and addiction. Inpatient programs show families that you are finally willing to take control of your life. It shows them that you are committed to change for yourself and for others. It is important that they see this change because they have been hurt by your addiction. Relationships can be heavily strained by addiction and sometimes destroyed completely. Time away at treatment is a wonderful way to spend healthy time away, which can help begin to mend the relationship.

Getting Away is Better for You

Treatment options available to addicts are plenty. Outpatient treatment is wonderful for those who cannot go away for several weeks in treatment. It allows them to improve their lives without stopping their normal everyday activities. Inpatient is a better way to treat addiction. It is better for addicts because it separates them from any and all the distractions of regular life. It is important for treatment that the addict be separated from the place and people that developed and encouraged drug abuse and addiction. By eliminating these distractions a recovering addict has a better chance at overcoming addiction.

Results of Inpatient Treatment

It is important to know the success rates and results of an inpatient treatment center. The more you know about the treatment center the better. Inpatient treatment centers have higher success rates than outpatient centers for the reason previously explained. By separating yourself from distractions you are more focused in treatment.

Process of Inpatient Care

When you enter an inpatient treatment center you will first undergo an assessment. Here you will speak with a professional who will gauge your addiction. They will develop a unique plan for your recovery. Then you will go through detox, which allows the body to expel all of the remaining drugs, substances and toxins from the body. You will engage in a number of different counseling sessions; one-on-one, group and family. These sessions will discover the root cause of addiction, enablers and triggers for drug use. You will learn tools and techniques to avoid these triggers and ways to thwart urges to use again. At the end of treatment you will be recommended to an outpatient treatment center for group for further counseling. They will encourage you to build a strong support network to help you in your return to real life.

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