Drug and Alcohol Rehab in San Luis Obispo, California

The residents of San Luis Obispo, California looking for San Luis Obispo in patient rehab for themselves or for someone they love have a number of choices—but that’s just it, what do you choose? If you don’t have the expertise, you may have no clue. That’s where Drug-Rehab.org comes in. Give us a call, and we’ll match you or your loved one with the best rehabilitation, whether that’s a local San Luis Obispo alcohol rehab or a program in another city or state.

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Drug Addiction and Alcoholism in San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo, California is called home by 44,324 residents and is part of San Luis Obispo County. There are almost 30 people living in halfway homes or sober living environments for drug and alcohol addictions within the city limits.

Every six months the city of San Luis Obispo will lose about 6 residents to alcohol related illness and 1 to illegal drug overdose.

Each month the police will make approximately 20 drug related arrests and 17 driving under the influence arrests.

No Need to Wait for Substance Abuse Recovery

You or your loved one has suffered enough. Don’t waste any more time by sorting through the drug rehab centers in San Luis Obispo and trying to find out which one will offer you or your loved one the greatest chance at long term recovery. What if the program is in another city or state? You won’t know unless you call Drug-Rehab.org. We work fast—sometimes in less than a day—to place addicts in programs across the country.

What to Look for in Rehabilitation

The reason why it can be so confusing when choosing among so many top rated San Luis Obispo rehab programs is that there is no singular program that’s truly the greatest for every individual. What works for one person may backfire with another. Drug-Rehab.org knows this, and that’s why we perform an assessment when you call. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Previous attempts to quit—If there were other attempts, what did and didn’t work about the previous drug addiction or alcoholism program?
  • Personal preferences—Does the addict want medication-free treatment? Should faith play a role?
  • Addict learning styles—Will the addict thrive with residential or outpatient treatment?
  • Cost—Is there an easy way to make the program affordable, whether it’s one of the local drug treatment centers in San Luis Obispo or is clearly across the country?

Make a Phone Call for Help

We make it so easy to sort through the San Luis Obispo drug rehab facilities and trust in the decision you make: Just contact our expert placement counselors. We’ll know after our assessment whether the local programs can do the job or whether the idea program for you or your loved one is in another location. We’re available both by phone and online, if you leave an online message for us to call you back.

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3 Listings for San Luis Obispo, California

  • Cottage Outpatient Center
    1035 Peach St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
    Cottage Outpatient Center provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • Mental Wellness Systems Inc
    285 S. St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
    Mental Wellness Systems Inc provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • San Luis Obispo County
    2180 Johnson Ave. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
    San Luis Obispo County provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction