South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, California is called home by 24,085 residents and is part of El DoradoCounty. Throughout the year South Lake Tahoe will lose roughly 6 residents to alcohol related death and 1 to illegal drug overdose.


Every three months the police will make about 35 drug related arrests and 30 driving under the influence arrests.

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  • Narconon Vista Bay South Lake Tahoe
    586 Glorene Avenue South Lake Tahoe, CA
    Studies show that people undergoing drug and alcohol rehab tend to do better when they are removed from their usual environment and re-situated in surroundings of comfort and rest. For many, Vista Bay’s South Lake Tahoe drug and alcohol rehab facility fits the bill. The peaceful, fragrant pines of a nearby State Forest, invite you to heal. You’re a quick walk from Lake Tahoe itself. Every season in South Lake Tahoe is a wonder to behold: the weather, the wildlife and the whole area’s positive attitude toward life. Whether you arrive in the warm summer months or in the middle of ski season, Lake Tahoe brings you the peace of mind you need for effective drug addiction treatment.

    Vista Bay’s South Lake Tahoe campus is completely new. We totally renovated the site in 2008. Our goal was to create the most comfortable atmosphere imaginable for drug rehab treatment. Residents receive their choice of spacious rooms. All meals are nutritious and prepared by gourmet chefs with your well-being in mind.

    Brand new sauna facilities await you as part of your drug rehab program. This proven method of removing drug toxins is credited with keeping many residents from ever having a single relapse.