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Drug treatment centers provide a wide range of programs for drug addiction, alcoholism, and other addiction problems. Unfortunately, finding the right treatment facility or addiction program for your needs and budget can be hard to accomplish. The Internet offers a lot of information about drug counseling and treatment, but it can be difficult to make sense of it all. The purpose of Drug-Rehab.org is to make it easier for addicts and their loved ones to get access to resources and information regarding drug and alcohol abuse.

We also offer a helpful assessment and referral service that makes it easier to look for a high quality drug and alcohol rehab center. St.Petersburg, Florida may not provide the treatment that’s right for you, in which case we can find a good program in another state.

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Drug addiction is the same whether the addiction is to prescription drugs or illicit narcotics. The effects are still life limiting, and in some cases, life ending. Because of the growing issue of drug abuse in the United States today, and especially in border states such as Florida where the flourishing Mexican drug trade spills across the border to reach out to U.S. residents, the country as a whole and cities like St. Petersburg, Florida in particular have never been in greater need of effective drug treatment options.

St. Petersburg’s Ongoing Battle against Prescription Drugs

OxyContin, Vicodin, Dilaudin and other name brand prescription painkillers are amongst the top sellers for drug companies – and for drug dealers in St. Petersburg, Florida as well. Because of the high per-pill price (an average of between 8 and 15 dollars per pill) there have also been increases in pill theft from health clinics, pain clinics, and even private homes to support the prescription drug trade. Addicts also often fake chronic pain conditions to dupe legitimate doctors into writing unnecessary prescriptions for these powerful painkillers.

How serious is the Problem?

Some analysts estimate that one addict overdoses on prescription drugs along the Tampa-St. Petersburg corridor every 49 hours. There are many addicts who become dependent upon prescription medications as a result of a legitimate medical need, never dreaming that the day might come when an innocent trip to the doctor could turn deadly. Luckily, finding drug treatment in St. Petersburg is now easier with the help of comprehensive city-specific resource websites such as Drug-Rehab.org.

Conducting Online Treatment Research

Websites like Drug-Rehab.org offer state and city-specific listings like “drug rehab St. Petersburg”, which can make finding emergency drug programs in St. Petersburg much faster and easier. For free, immediate access to high quality referrals, call us at 877-352-6329 or fill out our online contact form and get started on the path to a new life today!

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