Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Truckee, California

Every single person in Truckee, California who’s seeking drug addiction or alcoholism help for themselves or a loved one ought to be applauded—and at Drug-Rehab.org, that’s part of what we do. We also take that desire for rehabilitation and turn it into a reality. There’s a bit of a shortage when it comes to top rated Truckee rehab programs, but we can easily make up the difference by accessing our nationwide database of rehab facilities.

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Truckee Substance Addiction Facts

Every three months the police will be making roughly 20 drug related arrests and 15 driving under the influence arrests.

The available Truckee alcohol rehab and drug abuse care may not be up to the task of helping all of those locally in need. Let us perform an assessment for you or a loved one and see if we recommend sticking with the Truckee in patient rehab or going somewhere else for care.

Drug Abuse Recovery

Drug dependency can ruin your life, whether it’s your own drug use or that of a loved one. Sometimes, to get sober, it takes residential care and removing oneself from the environment in which drug dependency first became a problem. Other times, outpatient treatment will do, but you or your loved one run the risk of the stresses of daily life or seeing other people still doing drugs making you or them turn back to drugs even during treatment.

No matter what, we’ll find the answer together. Just call us and we’ll perform an assessment.

Help for the Alcoholic and Loved Ones

There’s a reason why so many programs including the drug rehab centers in Truckee provide comprehensive substance care. The alcoholic shares many struggles and experiences with the drug user, and sometimes people are addicted to both. Whether we recommend Truckee drug rehab facilities or detox programs in another city or state, you can rest assured that your or your loved one’s alcohol use will get the attention it deserves to lead to sobriety in the long term.

Alcoholism and Drug Dependency Treatment

Getting the best treatment that an addict can possibly get is the goal every time we take a phone call from an addict or their loved one. To do that, we perform an assessment, in which we ask you a few questions to answer about your or your loved one’s substance abuse as well as you can. Then we can know for sure whether the drug treatment centers in Truckee are up to the task, or if you should seek assistance in another location.

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  • Community Recovery Resources (CORR)
    10015 Palisades Dr. Truckee, CA 96161
    Community Recovery Resources (CORR) provides the following services: Drug & Alcohol Addiction