Drug abuse and addiction are complicated issues to which millions of Americans suffer. Overcoming that addiction is a long and arduous process. Professional treatment is necessary for most addicts. The complexity of addiction makes it a difficult issue to treat and overcome. Recent studies have contributed to a greater understanding of the problem and have provided a more detailed and effective treatment strategy. There are several different types of treatment options available for those seeking help. Specialized treatments have been created to help those with other issues and variables that make their treatment more detailed and unique. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol seek professional help immediately. The longer an addiction is ‘allowed’ to carry on, the more difficult treatment can be for an addict. Those with other issues, co-occurring disorders, should seek special treatment. Special treatment is necessary for those with narcissism because they are suffering from a disorder that must be addressed in unison with their addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment

The purpose of addiction treatment is to get an individual to stop using drugs and handle the feelings that accompany addiction. Addictive behaviors must be addressed in treatment to help an addict recover from their addiction. Addiction treatment starts with a detox stage. At this point the recovering addict completely relieves the body of all drugs, toxins or chemicals. There are different systems of detox, but all are generally the same. Sauna sessions are common and utilized in conjunction with mineral water and daily vitamins. Exercise and other physical activities are also employed to help the body recover from the damages of addiction. After detox the recovering addict must participate in a number of therapy/counseling sessions. These sessions address the mind of an addict. It helps them understand addiction and how it works. They also learn how they fell victim to it and why it affected them in such a way. Finally, the recovering addict learns tools and techniques for deal with enablers, triggers and temptations to reuse drugs or alcohol. These techniques must be practiced regularly to increase the likelihood of sobriety.

Specialized Treatment for those with Narcissism

Narcissism is the disorder in which a person feels as though they are superior to everyone else. They are experts at pointing out other’s deficiencies and eager to attack and announces those deficiencies. By discovering and exploiting those deficiencies, narcissists are able to continue to feel as though they are better. In actuality, these individuals have a lack of self-confidence and maintain feelings of internal shame. Those sensations can easily push a narcissist towards substance abuse and addiction. In treatment, if the addiction is the only issued to be addressed then the narcissist addict will return to society in the same state that pushed them towards drugs and/or alcohol. In conclusion, it is necessary to get specialized addiction treatment for those with narcissism. By treating the narcissism disorder, as well as addiction, the individual will be more likely to maintain long term sobriety. Narcissist addicts can be drawn to 12 step programs because they see it as a challenge they can master with ease. When they have trouble with one group they can move on to another in the next town. These addicts see these programs as something they can master and be an ‘expert’ on. Without addressing the narcissistic issues of these addicts, they are more likely to return to substance abuse and addiction when they hit a moment when they are not superior to others. It is best to get a sponsor or treatment center that has professionals with narcissistic characteristics that can engage with these individuals better.